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  • Your delivery is more important than the message

    Read an article in the local newspaper about college orientation at Pittsburgh. The message to the students was, you are all smart, but, here you will have to study and work hard to do well. Reminded me a lot of work.
    In the workplace there are also a lot of smart people; with many great ideas. Almost always their ideas are absolutely spot-on. However, they get lost in the delivery. Work is a team sport. To move new ideas ahead you have to engage both the hearts and minds of everyone on the team. The absolute worst thing you can do is push an idea through positional power. You must sell it using your personal power and credibility. Regardless of your position and “rightness” of the concept or idea you must sell it.
    Here are the steps to take.
    [1] State the current situation and why it is not working
    [2] Get feedback; ask for input on what others think
    [3] Ask how it can be improved within reasonable boundaries (example – cannot spend $50K on a $1K problem)
    [4] Suggest several options and your recommendation
    [5] Ask if people agree with your recommendation and leave an opening for further discussion if not.

    The benefits of this approach are three-fold:
    [a] The current situation is clarified
    [b] Your initial idea/solution is always improved
    [c] You get buy-in
    There is no “I” in team. By involving others you end up with the best solution.

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