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  • 5 Vital Leadership Characteristics

    It seems that you can find many lists of what it takes to be a good leader.   While surfing the web I discovered a self-assessment that you can take on the KORN/FERRY INTERNATIONAL website.  http://insight.lominger.com/insight/

    These are my 5 favorites out of the 21 mentioned:

    [1] Able to make complex decisions.  Simple decisions are easy to make.  Decisions with multiple variables and external considerations are orders of magnitude more difficult.  The key is intellectual curiosity and honesty to seek out and understand all the quantitative and qualitative variables that will impact a decision.

    [2] Organizationally Savvy.  Many folks say they do not like politics.  Leadership is all about understanding and navigating the organization structure and matrix because that is how you get things done.  Knowing how decisions may impact various people and organizations allows you to work with them to gain their full support.  It is about creating win-win situations.

    [3] Face Trouble Head-on.  A staff member once told me that she would not take my job even if she was paid $1 million dollars.  First, I said that was good, since I was paid well below that amount.  Her comment, however, was really one about the fact that all day long people brought problems to my desk that they could not figure out how to solve.  She could not see how that would be enjoyable.  The fact is, the more senior your leadership position is, the more complex the issues are that cross your desk.  You have no control about what it will be or when they show up.  You have to love solving complex problems and embracing issues that others avoid.  I find it fun and rewarding.

    [4] Focus on the bottom line.  When running a business you must focus on the bottom line.  Every action you take must be understood relative to the impact on the bottom line.  This does not mean that you will not support employee recognition events, your local community or not-for-profit organizations.  It does mean you know what level of spending you can afford.  You know your bottom-line.

    [5] Manage Diverse Stakeholders.  As a leader you need to use your personal power rather than your positional power.  There are many internal and external stakeholders in an organization and each have their own set of unique goals.  Some of the stakeholders are: customers, investors, lenders, employees, suppliers, government regulators, the media and local communities.  To be successful you need to understand their point of view and know when to seek their involvement in various business challenges and decisions.

    These characteristics can be learned and refined.  Please feel free to call me for a complimentary discussion of how you and your team can take these skills to the next level.  Look forward to talking with you.  585.329.3754

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