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  • Get your strategy rolling in 6 simple steps

    Have you found yourself wanting to work on the strategy for your department, organization or company but not knowing where to start?  It is a common dilemma and easy to procrastinate when you do not know where to begin.  Here is an approach that I have used to help myself and the team set off on the strategy journey when we were initially unsure of how to do it.

    Before starting there is one critical paradigm you must buy in to.  Strategy work is not linear. That means that periodically you may have to circle back and revise an assumption or two.  You and your team know your business better than anyone else.  Be confident to make changes and adjustments through-out the process.  Aim to be roughly right; not at perfection. Striving for perfection only slows down the process.

    6 Simple steps for developing a strategy:

    [1] Define the challenges facing your organization. You and your team are in the best position to know what these are.

    [2] Clarify the current state.  The prime rule here is you must be intellectually and brutally honest with yourselves.  If not, you will not uncover  the elements that can lead you on the path to excellence. [Note: It is important to have data regarding the business.  My next post will discuss the data that is relevant.]

    [3] Envision the future.  Articulate and picture the future state. Develop the metrics to understand your progress going forward.

    [4] Face the obstacles getting in the way of your vision.  Describe the obstacles but be ready to course correct, if proven otherwise.  Listen to the data.

    [5] Determine the path forward. Create an action plan and set future meetings to ensure you are on track.  This is where many plans falter.  The devil is in the detail and the follow-up.

    [6] Monitor your progress. Dedicate the time to periodically review your progress and make course corrections as needed.

    There are many excellent books on strategy. You may want to consider reading one or two books prior to starting.  This allows you and the team to have a basis for commonality, instead of starting totally from scratch.

    By following these 6 steps you will off to a great start on the creation of a strategy for your business.

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